WHO: $ 40 million needed to fight Ebola in DRC

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WHO: $ 40 million needed to fight Ebola in DRC

WHO: $ 40 million needed to fight Ebola in DRC

The organization notes success in countering the virus, but fears that in the absence of funding, it could spread again

The World Health Organization says it urgently needs $ 40 million to bail out the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The fight against Ebola in the conflict-ridden provinces of North Kivu and Ituri needs financial resuscitation. The World Health Organization has announced that its funds will be empty by the end of this month and urges donors to step in immediately and transfer the funds needed to fight this dangerous disease..

WHO spokesman Tariq Yazarevich said refusing to support the operation would be tragic as significant progress was made in containing the Ebola virus. According to him, over the past two months, from 3 to 15 cases of the disease have been registered per week. By comparison, in April 2019, there were 120 cases.

“There was only one case last week, and we only have two areas in eastern DRC where Ebola cases have been reported,” Yazarevich said. – But if we do not receive funding, then there is a danger that the virus will become more widespread. Therefore, we are making an appeal for additional funding “.

WHO reports 3,433 cases of Ebola. Of these, 2,253 were fatal. Thus, the mortality rate is 66 percent. Yazarevich clarifies that if $ 40 million is received, the money will also go to measures to improve preparedness in neighboring countries..

Yazarevich noted that thanks to a modest investment of $ 18 million by WHO to help Uganda establish systems for screening, monitoring and others, it was possible to prevent the establishment of Ebola in this country last year..

In an interview with the Voice of America, Yazarevich said that the Ebola operation cannot be interrupted, since if there is even one case of the disease, there is a risk of further spread.

“We need to bring the number of cases to zero. We are making progress, but again, regardless of whether we are talking about one case or more, the activities to be carried out are the same. But we need these events to be financed, ”he said..

In the past 21 days, there have been eight confirmed cases of Ebola in the cities of Beni and Mabalako in North Kivu. However, over the past 42 days, there have been no new cases in the Butembo and Mambasa medical zones..

WHO sees falling geographic spread of Ebola and declining disease as encouraging sign.

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