White House: China makes ‘big mistake’ in Hong Kong

China’s passing of new national security law is ‘huge mistake’: Kudlow

White House: China makes 'big mistake' in Hong Kong

White House: China commits &# 171; big mistake&# 187; in hong kong

President Trump is dissatisfied with the actions of Beijing, his adviser Larry Kudlow urged branches of American companies to move from Hong Kong and the PRC to the United States

White House officials on Tuesday spoke negatively about Beijing’s actions against Hong Kong, complaining about President Trump’s displeasure and calling China’s measures “very worrisome.”.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he is preparing to take action this week against China over Beijing’s attempts to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. The President did not go into details of the proposed measures against China.

When asked if the president is going to impose sanctions on China for actions against Hong Kong, Trump told reporters: “We are busy with this right now. I think you will find this very interesting. But I won’t talk about it today. “.

“This is what you will hear about … I think before the end of this week,” – said the president, answering the question of when these measures will be taken.

Speaking at a White House press briefing on Tuesday, Kaylee McEnani, a Trump spokeswoman said the president was unhappy with Beijing’s plans. McEnani says Trump has a hard time understanding “how Hong Kong can remain a [global] financial center if China takes over.”.

White House: China makes 'big mistake' in Hong Kong

Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow, speaking on Fox News, called Beijing’s actions on Hong Kong “very worrisome”.

“Honestly, China is making a big mistake,” Kudlow told Fox Business Network..

Kudlow said the United States would welcome any American companies currently operating in Hong Kong or mainland China to relocate. “We will do our best to write off all costs and pay the cost of the move if they return their supply chains and manufacturing to the United States,” a Trump adviser said.

Beijing’s proposed security law effectively deprives Hong Kong of its existing legal status as a territory under the One Country, Two Systems concept. Chinese lawmakers expected to approve law no later than Thursday.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who, with congressional consent, is to release an assessment of whether Hong Kong has sufficient autonomy to maintain a special economic regime with the United States, said last week that the law would be “a harbinger of the end” of Hong Kong autonomy..

Trump warned China of a tough retaliation, and his national security adviser Robert O’Brien said the law could lead to US sanctions and jeopardize Hong Kong’s status as a global financial center..

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