USA has the highest daily mortality rate since May

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USA has the highest daily mortality rate since May

USA has the highest daily mortality rate since May

Due to the increase in the number of infections, the number of hospitalizations is growing rapidly

The United States on Wednesday recorded the highest daily death rate from coronavirus since May and almost 200,000 new infections.

The number of hospitalized patients also approached record levels, exceeding 89,000.

Many state governments have introduced restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued an interim order barring New York State from imposing restrictions on attendance at prayer facilities in areas experiencing an outbreak of infection..

By five votes to four, the court sided with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and two Orthodox Jewish communities, which challenged the system imposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Chief Justice John Roberts is the only Conservative to not support the majority decision.

South Korea, which became one of the main foci in the early stages of the pandemic, is also seeing a new surge in infections, with more than 500 cases per day for the first time since early March..

A month ago, the South Korean government decided to loosen strict social distancing rules in and around Seoul. These measures were introduced during the last spike in August, and the government decided this week to reinstate them..

Russia on Thursday announced a new record for the daily increase in cases – 25,487 people. In total, almost 2.2 million cases have been registered in the country. Over the past day, 524 people have died, which is also a record figure.

In Germany, about 400 new deaths were recorded. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of deaths in the country has exceeded 15,000.

In early November, the German government decided to close restaurants, bars and sports facilities. Chancellor Angela Merkel and state governors agreed on Wednesday to extend restrictions until December 20.

In total, more than 60.4 million cases and 1.4 million deaths are registered in the world..

The United States is in first place, followed by Brazil with 170,000 deaths, India with 135,000 and Mexico with 103,000..

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