US imposes sanctions against Chinese company CEIEC

Will US Sanctions On Chinese Companies Affect Xi Jinping’s Belt And Road Initiative?

US imposes sanctions against Chinese company CEIEC

US imposes sanctions against Chinese company CEIEC

The company supports the efforts of the Maduro regime to undermine democracy in Venezuela, said Secretary of State Pompeo

The United States is imposing sanctions on the Chinese company CEIEC for supporting the illegal Maduro regime in its efforts to undermine democracy in Venezuela, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday..

These efforts include restricting Internet services and digital surveillance of political opponents of the regime, he said in a statement: “CEIEC provides software, training and technical expertise to the regime’s businesses. It provides cyber support and technical experts to the Venezuelan National Telephone Company (CANTV), the state-owned telecommunications provider, which controls 70 percent of Venezuela’s internet services and often blocks independent online publications and opposition members. “.

“PRC technology companies, including CEIEC, are world leaders in the development and export of tools for monitoring, censoring, and observing citizens’ online activities. CEIEC has supported the Maduro regime’s malicious efforts to suppress opposition sentiment and undermine democratic processes since 2017, ”the statement said..

According to Pompeo, the decision “confirms the strong intention of the United States to bring to justice all those involved in the attempts of the illegal Maduro regime to undermine democracy.” “Maduro’s desperate attempts to manipulate democratic processes should leave no doubt that any elections organized by the illegal regime, including the parliamentary elections on December 6, will not be free or fair,” the secretary of state said. “We support interim President Guaido and the people of Venezuela, who have been fighting for many years to restore democracy and freedom in Venezuela.”.

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