US excludes Houthis from terrorist list due to famine in Yemen

US designating Yemen’s Houthis a ‘terrorist’ group

US excludes Houthis from terrorist list due to famine in Yemen

US excludes Houthis from terrorist list due to famine in Yemen

The Houthi movement was incorporated by the State Department into &# 171; blacklist&# 187; terrorist organizations January 19

The United States has removed the Yemeni Houthi movement from the list of terrorist organizations due to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Thus, the new administration reversed one of the decisions made by Donald Trump in the last days of his presidency and was criticized.

Houthi supporters hold weapons during a demonstration outside the U.S. embassy

A State Department spokesman confirmed that the Houthis were removed from the terrorist list a day after President Joe Biden announced an end to US support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen. Many view the Yemeni civil war as a proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, backing the Houthis.

“Our action is entirely driven by the humanitarian consequences of this last-minute decision by the previous administration, which the UN and humanitarian organizations have made clear will exacerbate the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” said a State Department official..

Yemen is currently experiencing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, according to the UN. Up to 80% of the country’s population need urgent care.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blacklisted Houthis terrorist organizations on January 19, the day before Joe Biden took office.

US excludes Houthis from terrorist list due to famine in Yemen

The Trump administration has allowed aid to Yemen from humanitarian organizations, the UN, the Red Cross, and exporters of agricultural goods, medicines and medical devices. However, the UN and humanitarian groups said that this is clearly not enough, calling for a complete reversal of the decision to recognize the Houthis as terrorists..

The spokesman for the State Department stressed that these actions do not mean that the United States has changed its point of view on the “reprehensible behavior” of the Houthis.

A military coalition led by Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen in 2015, supporting government forces fighting the Iranian-backed Houthis. UN Seeks To Resume Peace Talks Between Official Government And Houthis As Country Faces Economic Crisis And COVID-19 Pandemic.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy welcomed the decision.

“A decision (by the Trump administration) … stopped the delivery of food and other important aid to Yemen and would interfere with effective political negotiations,” Murphy said in a statement..

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