Trump on Sunday announces “therapeutic breakthrough” in fight against coronavirus

Donald Trump hails convalescent plasma as a ‘major therapeutic breakthrough’ for COVID-19

Trump on Sunday announces 'therapeutic breakthrough' in fight against coronavirus

Trump Announces Sunday &# 171; therapeutic breakthrough&# 187; in the fight against coronavirus

Earlier, the President called on the Food and Drug Administration &# 171; focus on speed and saving lives&# 187;

The White House said President Donald Trump on Sunday announced a “major therapeutic breakthrough” in the fight against the coronavirus, which has killed more than 176,000 people in the United States and infected an estimated 5.7 million people – more than any other country in the world..

Trump makes this announcement a day after he said that the forces of the “deep state or someone else” at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “make it very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to recruit people to test vaccines. and therapeutic agents “.

The president said on Twitter that the regulator’s leadership “apparently hopes to postpone a response until November 3” – the date of the presidential election.

Focus on speed and saving lives! – urged Trump.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnani said Saturday night that Health Secretary Alex Azar and FDA chief Stephen Hahn will be in attendance during Trump’s announcement ahead of the opening of the GOP convention at which Trump is re-nominated for president..

Many American health experts say that the coronavirus vaccine will not appear until the end of this year – early next year and only if clinical trials prove its effectiveness..

Trump, whom Biden and the Democrats blame for the inept response to the US coronavirus epidemic, has often said that a cure for this infectious disease will appear soon and that the virus will simply disappear..

He acknowledged that the chances of his re-election will increase if he achieves a medical breakthrough before election day..

Accepting the Democratic nomination as a presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden said “the current president still doesn’t have a plan” to fight the pandemic.

“He failed to protect America, and … it’s unforgivable,” Biden said..

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, speaking on Fox News on Sunday, echoed Trump’s tweet in which the president lamented the pace of FDA-overseen clinical trials..

“We’re not going to circumvent the routine when it comes to research,” Meadows said. – We intend to reduce the bureaucracy. I applaud the president for this tweet. “.

Biden’s supporter, Delaware Senator Chris Koons, told Fox News in a separate interview that Trump “failed to act responsibly” in the coronavirus situation.

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