Trump called for the resumption of classes in schools

Trump calls for reopening of US schools amid COVID-19 pandemic

Trump called for the resumption of classes in schools

Trump called for the resumption of classes in schools

The President stated that &# 171; people want&# 187; to open up the country

US President Donald Trump urged federal and state governments to resume school, pointing to the need to catch up during quarantine restrictions due to coronavirus.

“I think you definitely need to open schools,” said the president, receiving the governors of Colorado and North Dakota at the White House.

“The virus has very little effect on young people,” the president said. – But the choice remains with the governors “.

The day before Trump’s announcement, California State University, which unites more than two dozen educational institutions, decided that classes would not resume even in the next academic year, which begins in the fall..

Educational institutions at all levels remain closed in nearly all states and the District of Columbia.

“We are opening our country. People want it to open, ”Trump said.

The President disagreed with statements made yesterday by one of the most famous members of the White House working group on coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, at a Senate hearing.

“He wants to play on all sides of the equation,” the president said, commenting on Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases..

Fauci warned senators that states and cities would face serious repercussions if they were too hasty to resume public life amid a viral pandemic.

“I was surprised by his response,” the president told reporters in a cabinet conference room. “This is an unacceptable answer for me, especially when it comes to schools.”.

However, according to Trump, professors and other older teachers “shouldn’t worry” for a few more weeks..

The President said he spoke on the phone with Vice President Mike Pence, with whom they are keeping their distance as a precaution..

“I miss him,” the president told reporters. “He was in a room with someone who tested positive.”.

Last Friday, Pence’s spokeswoman Katie Miller was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

Trump asked Colorado Gov. Jared Polis to talk about efforts to open his state.

“We do it in a safe way. All the shops have opened, ”said Polis, removing his mask as he spoke.

North Dakota Governor Doug Bergum said his state ranks second in the country after New York in terms of the number of tests performed per capita.

State authorities have tackled the virus and are focusing on keeping 93 percent of businesses running, Bergam says..

Only three states have lower population densities than North Dakota.

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