Trump bans transgender people from military service

Trump order bans most transgender people from military

Trump bans transgender people from military service

Trump bans transgender people from military service

The decree on this was signed by the head of the White House

President Donald Trump Signs Ordinance Banning Transgender People From Military Service Except For “Special Occasions”.

The White House said in a statement that the defense and homeland security ministers “have concluded that individuals previously diagnosed with gender dysfunctions may require special medical procedures, including medication or surgery, which poses a serious risk to effectiveness and combat readiness of the armed forces “.

Last year, President Trump announced his intention to ban the recruitment of transgender people, canceling the initiative of his predecessor. The decision of the head of the White House was blocked by a decision of several courts, and in January 2018 the Pentagon was forced to officially authorize the recruitment of transgender people into the ranks of the armed forces..

Democratic Minority Leader in Congress Nancy Pelosi calls US President’s decision “cowardly” and “disgusting”.

“The purpose of this ban was to publicly humiliate transgender people who already serve in the military,” she said..

According to the president of the conservative organization Log Cabin Republicans, representing the interests of the LGBT community, Gregory Angelo, Donald Trump’s decision could trigger a “culture war” in American society..

“The White House’s decision is a manifestation of a transgender phobia disguised as politics,” said Joshua Block, a lawyer for the human rights organization ACLU. “Transgender people in our military deserve more than myth-based proclamations about their inability to fulfill their responsibilities.”.

On average, every active transgender person has spent at least 8 years in the military, including two or more extended missions to hot spots, according to a resident of SPART * A, an association of former and active LGBT military personnel..

“There is no justification for the ban, as a result of which our country will be deprived of military personnel who are ready and able to perform their duties in accordance with the standards set by their commanders.”.

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