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&# 171; Trish’s Story&# 187;

Documentary &# 171; From This Day Forward&# 187; talks about transgender families

Director Sharon Shattuck’s documentary From This Day Forward tells the story of her transgender father from the perspective of the family who made his decision. Often the media are silent about the many difficulties faced by such families.

“I remember as a teenager, during one of my conversations with my dad, he said to me:“ Sharon, when you get married, let me lead you to the altar in a dress ”.

Sharon Shattuck, director of the documentary From this Day Forward, said it was important for her to tell her story. “While I was filming the film, I tried to put myself in the shoes of my parents, Trisha and Marsha,” she says..

Marsha, Sharon’s mother, decided to keep the family together. Now her husband’s name is Trisha.

However, according to Sharon Shattuck, things were not so simple….
“Mom understands that when she walks down the street with Dad, holding hands, they look like a lesbian couple.”.

Marsha admits that the couple fought, cried a lot.

“Marsha kept repeating:“ I didn’t marry a woman, I married a man, ”recalls Trisha..

The couple’s children also had a hard time. Trisha was openly criticized by the public, Shattuck said. This particularly hurt her younger sister Laura..

Shattuk notes that transgender people feel like they were born in the “wrong body” and they don’t necessarily have a homosexual orientation.

“There is a difference between what gender you identify with and what gender you are attracted to,” she says. – Trisha, my dad, was married to my mom and even before the wedding hinted to her about his feelings. Already in marriage, he began the transition to his life as a woman’s life, and this is very difficult “.

And although Trisha did several cosmetic surgeries, she did not completely change her gender, as some transgender people do. According to Sharon, this change would ruin her parents’ marriage..

Most families break up after changing the sex of one of the spouses. One of the most striking examples of this situation is the Kardashian family, in which the husband of Kris Jenner – Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, recently became Caitlin. However, the media ignored the family’s difficulties..

Sharon Shattuck’s documentary about her father explores all those aspects that have not previously been discussed publicly. For example – can she publicly call Trisha – dad?

As the director notes, many people are unaware of the existence of the transgender problem. “Most of the country is still light centuries from the adoption of transgender people. And LGBT people in general, ”she says.

Sharon hopes that her film This Day Forward will help society better understand transgender people and build empathy for themselves and their families. She also hopes that the example of Trisha and Caitlin will allow other transgender people to become themselves..

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