The United States conducted an exercise to develop a “limited” exchange of nuclear strikes with Russia

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The United States conducted an exercise to develop a 'limited' exchange of nuclear strikes with Russia

United States conducted a mining exercise &# 171; limited&# 187; nuclear exchange with Russia

According to the scenario of the exercise, Russia struck with a low-power nuclear weapon at an American facility in Europe, and the United States was to respond

The US held a military exercise last week that simulated a “limited” nuclear exchange with Russia, a senior Pentagon official confirmed..

The decision of the military department to tell reporters the details of such exercises was very unusual..

It is also noteworthy that the war games embodied the controversial idea that the battle with the use of nuclear weapons can be won and not lead to a full-scale conflict, the result of which will be the destruction of all humanity..

The exercise took place a few weeks after the United States deployed a new, low-yield, submarine warhead, commissioned by President Donald Trump. The warhead is intended to counterbalance Russian tactical weapons and to contain their use..

According to a transcript of an unofficial briefing with senior Pentagon officials, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper took part in a “mini-exercise” at US Strategic Command in Nebraska. Esper played the role of himself in a simulated crisis situation in which Russia attacked an American facility in Europe.

“The scenario involved an emergency in Europe where you are at war with Russia and Russia decides to use low-yield nuclear weapons against a facility on NATO territory,” a senior Pentagon official said. “Then you enter into a conversation that needs to be held with the Minister of Defense, and then with the President, in order, in the end, to decide how to respond to this.”.

“During these exercises, we simulated a response with the use of nuclear weapons,” added a Pentagon spokesman, describing it as a “limited response.”.

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