The hopes of the culinary world

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The hopes of the culinary world

The hopes of the culinary world

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The Americans have a saying: “If you can’t stand the heat, don’t go under the kitchen steam.” The Voice of America correspondent met a group of young and ambitious chefs who are certainly not afraid "get burnt", conquering new gastronomic heights. Details in the report from New York – one of the capitals of the world culinary.

Daniel Bulud is arguably one of the best chefs in New York. Today he is the owner of seven restaurants, awarded six James Beard Awards and countless other culinary awards. Bulud himself no longer cooks today. This work is done by young chefs, such as 18-year-old Mimi Chen, who is preparing for the Bokuz Dor gastronomic competition..

“This competition is the world culinary championship,” explains Bokuz Dor silver medalist Philippe Tesier. – 60 countries are fighting for 24 places in the final, which takes place every two years in the French city of Lyon “.

Chen is one of the lucky few who has earned a chance to make the US team. She will take part in Bokuz Dor thanks to the Mentor NGO, founded by famous chefs Daniel Bulud, Thomas Keller and Jerome Bokuz.

“Every grant we give allows the young chef to take time off from his regular job and gives him the opportunity to experiment elsewhere,” says Daniel Bulud, head of the MENT’OR NGO. – When he returns, he will become even more energetic and inspired. This is what we are trying to achieve by helping a new generation of chefs become even better than us! “

It may be difficult to imagine chefs younger than these students at the New York Institute of Culinary Arts, but the journey to culinary heights begins in early youth..

The hopes of the culinary world

“I was 17 years old,” says Tesier. – I went to culinary school and graduated at 19. We are always promoting ourselves. We ourselves are interested in good teachers and in going through all the stages of preparation “.

Commis contestant Brendan Scott is only 20 years old, but he already has big plans:

“I want to make a career as a chef, I dream of competing at Bokuz, I want to open my own restaurant. I want it all … but anyway, achieving these goals will take time. “.

The National Restaurant Association predicts $ 720 billion in revenue this year..

For young chefs with a dream of fame, a good mentor can be a critical component of success..

“There are restaurants that are not a springboard for young people on the way to something they can call their own, and we want to help such talent by empowering them,” says Tesier.

This opportunity could become a reality for Mimi Chen. She won the Commis competition, and this victory, perhaps, will bring joy not only to herself, but to the entire culinary world..

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