The European Parliament will no longer consider Russia as a “strategic partner”

Italian FM: Russia is no longer a ‘strategic partner’ for EU

The European Parliament will no longer consider Russia as a 'strategic partner'

The European Parliament will no longer view Russia as &# 171; strategic partner&# 187;

MEPs once again expressed concern over the implementation of the project &# 171; Nord Stream 2&# 187;

On Tuesday, the European Parliament, by 402 votes in favor, 163 votes against and 89 abstentions, adopted a resolution that assesses the current state of relations between the EU and Russia..

MEPs agreed that the EU should be ready to impose further anti-Russian sanctions if Moscow continues to violate international law.

The resolution states that since 2015, new “zones of tension” have emerged between the EU and Russia, including Russia’s intervention in Syria, as well as in the affairs of countries such as Libya and the Central African Republic, and continuing aggressive actions in Ukraine. The document also emphasizes that Moscow supports ultra-right movements in Europe and parties that oppose European integration. In addition, the Kremlin continues to interfere in political elections and violate human rights in its own country..

The European Parliament will no longer consider Russia as a 'strategic partner'

The resolution notes that the EU should revise the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) with Russia and limit cooperation to areas of common interest. According to MEPs, global issues such as climate change, energy security, digitalization, artificial intelligence and the fight against terrorism require selective joint participation of the EU and Russia.

Closer relations are possible only if Russia fully complies with the Minsk agreements to end the war in eastern Ukraine and begins to respect international law, the text of the resolution says..

MEPs also reiterated their concern about the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project, which could increase the EU’s dependence on Russian gas supplies and threaten the EU internal market.

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