Sources: Biden intends to appoint Buttidzic as transport minister

President-elect Joe Biden to nominate Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of Transportation

Sources: Biden intends to appoint Buttidzic as transport minister

Sources: Biden intends to appoint Buttidzic as transport minister

Former South Bend Mayor May Become First Openly LGBT Minister Appointed as Minister in American History

President-elect Joe Biden has decided to appoint Pete Buttigieg, who had previously been his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, as chief of the Transportation Department. This is reported by two sources familiar with the situation..

Buttigieg, 38, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana who has never held federal office, will become the first open LGBT person to be nominated for the Biden administration and, if approved by the Senate, the first openly gay minister in American history..

Representatives for Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden’s transition team have yet to respond to Reuters’ requests for comment..

Earlier, various assumptions appeared in the press as to what kind of position in his administration Joe Biden will offer the former mayor of South Bend. As Minister of Transport, Buttidzic will be able to leverage his experience as mayor, overseeing the ministry that oversees the roads, air transport and transport systems of the entire country..

Sources: Biden intends to appoint Buttidzic as transport minister

Buttigieg became one of Biden’s strongest contenders during the primaries, winning the first caucuses in Iowa and raising significant funds thanks to his social media popularity. However, once Biden took the lead in the Democratic race after winning the South Carolina primary in February, Buttigiec withdrew from further primaries and backed Joe Biden, consolidating support for the former vice president among moderate Democrats..

Although viewed as one of the most promising Democratic politicians, Buttigieg’s potential nomination for minister is disputed by the party’s progressive wing and a number of African-American leaders who criticize the former South Bend mayor for “insufficiently fighting systemic racism.” Opponents argue that Buttigieg did not provide enough assistance to black South Bend residents in the city’s economic recovery.

Jordan Geiger, leader of the South Bend branch of Black Lives Matters, told reporters on Tuesday that Buttigie was “completely unsuitable” for the ministerial post..

Joe Biden, however, does not appear to be particularly concerned about the Liberal complaints about possible appointments to his administration, preferring to reward politicians who have demonstrated loyalty to his campaign at a time when such support was most needed..

Buttidzic’s nomination for the ministerial post also matches Biden’s stated commitment to diversity in his cabinet..

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