Senators urged Biden to end construction of Nord Stream 2

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Senators urged Biden to end construction of Nord Stream 2

Senators urged Biden to end construction &# 171; Nord Stream 2&# 187;

This letter was addressed to the President by legislators Jim Risch and Gene Shahin

Republican Senator Jim Risch, co-chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Democrat Gene Shaheen, chair of the Senate Subcommittee on European Cooperation and Regional Security Issues, on Friday asked President Joe Biden to fully comply with the laws passed by Congress to put end of construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The full text of the letter is available on the US Senate website.

The senators asked the president to fully comply with the requirements of the European Energy Security Protection Act (PEESA), as amended by the Protection of Europe Energy Security Clarification Act (PEESCA). Both laws were passed by the US Congress with strong bipartisan support, according to the authors of the appeal..

“This pipeline will create for Russia a powerful new geopolitical tool that will deprive Ukraine, Slovakia and other countries of the income they receive from transit fees (for gas from Russia to Europe),” the letter says..

Senators warned that Nord Stream 2 could make Western Europe dependent on Russian gas and “accompanying political coercion” for the next 40 years. Moreover, according to the senators, the emergence of Russian infrastructure on the territory of NATO member countries will endanger all members of the North Atlantic Alliance..

The senators urged the president and the current administration to continue implementing the PEESA and PEESCA laws and submit a report to Congress by February 16, which will indicate the organizations actively involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2.

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