Senate resumes work of NATO Observer Group

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Senate resumes work of NATO Observer Group

Senate resumes work of NATO Observer Group

Senators Shahin and Tillis pointed to the need for close cooperation between the Senate and the alliance in the face of the threat from Russia

US Senators Jean Shahin and Tom Tillis announced the reinstatement of the Senate Observer Group on NATO to monitor the alliance’s readiness in the face of the growing threat from Russia.

The re-established watchdog group, co-chaired by Shahin and Tillis, will have an expanded mission to closely monitor and inform senators about the implementation of the alliance’s defense spending commitments, the process of modernizing the armed forces and counter-terrorism capabilities, NATO expansion and the bloc’s ability to respond to unconventional tactics. wars.

“It is now more important than ever for the United States to work closely with NATO to respond to the ever-evolving threats to Western democracies, especially from the Kremlin,” said Senator Shahin. “The new Senate Observer Group on NATO will be the focal point for contact between NATO and the Senate, as these institutions seek to strengthen transatlantic ties and modernize NATO in response to hybrid warfare and other threats.”.

Senator Tillis pointed out that in today’s environment the United States faces countless threats, both known and unknown..

“I look forward to using the NATO Watch Group platform to discuss how our alliance can better prepare itself for hybrid, especially cyber threats from Russia and other adversaries,” Tillis said..

US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison welcomed this initiative.

“The reconstitution of the watchdog group demonstrates deep and bipartisan support for the alliance throughout the country,” she said. “I am proud of the leadership our administration has brought to the alliance and look forward to continuing our work at NATO in the interests of the American people.”.

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