Press briefing on fight against coronavirus was held at the White House on Wednesday

Dr. Fauci, White House Covid-19 Response Team hold briefing | NBC News

Press briefing on fight against coronavirus was held at the White House on Wednesday

Press briefing on fight against coronavirus was held at the White House on Wednesday

The number of people infected with the virus in the United States has reached 6400 people

The White House Coronavirus Working Group held its regular daily briefing on Wednesday. Opening it, US President Donald Trump recalled the previously declared state of emergency and spoke about the urgent measures taken by the administration to stop the spread of diseases..

The unprecedented collaboration between the administration, the National Institutes of Health and the private sector has significantly accelerated work on the vaccine, and achieved what would otherwise have taken years, the president said..

President also announced significant expansion of coronavirus testing capabilities.

Trump said he will soon meet with sanitary workers at the forefront of the fight against the disease.

The President announced measures to alleviate the situation of the population in the current conditions. We are talking, in particular, about measures in the housing sector. So, a moratorium is declared on the collection of debts for housing and eviction of residents.

According to the president, he intends to use the Defense Production Law to intensify the production of face masks and other protective equipment..

Answering journalists’ questions, Trump mentioned that the Chinese authorities at one time tried to link the spread of the coronavirus with the American military..

The President said he would later hold a press conference on “extremely important news” regarding the coronavirus from the US Food and Drug Administration..

Trump emphasized the unprecedentedness of the situation with the coronavirus, recalling that the task of mass testing of the population has never before been on such a scale..

Working group coordinator Deborah Birks, speaking at a briefing on Wednesday, said that experts are closely monitoring the trajectory of the spread of the virus, highlighting the most vulnerable populations and areas, while developing the most effective strategy to combat the disease.

Birx again urged Americans to follow recommendations previously issued by the administration.

Pentagon chief Mark Esper spoke about the efforts of the military department to combat the disease, in particular, about sending mobile laboratories and hospitals to the worst-affected areas.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the epidemic has spread to all 50 states, and the death toll from the disease has exceeded 100..

West Virginia became the last 50th state to report a confirmed case on Tuesday night..

The total number of infected in the United States on Tuesday rose to 6400 people.

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