President’s critics see withdrawal from Syria as a threat to US interests

“I’m not siding with anybody,” Trump says of Syria withdrawal

President's critics see withdrawal from Syria as a threat to US interests

President’s critics see withdrawal from Syria as a threat to US interests

Opponents of President Trump’s plan say the withdrawal will increase the terrorist threat in the United States and expand the influence of Russia and Iran in the region

WASHINGTON – US withdrawal from Syria could jeopardize vital national security interests.

Critics of US President Donald Trump think so.

They note that this move could increase the threat of terrorism in the United States, inspire Iran and Russia and lead to a conflict with Israel or even a regional war..

The bloody Islamic State attack in Syria, which killed four American troops, showed that the militant group remains active.

She questioned President Donald Trump’s claim that the Islamic State was defeated, with which he justified his decision to withdraw approximately 2,000 American troops from Syria..

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, a close ally of the President, said the proposed withdrawal from Syria has cheered America’s enemies.

“President Trump’s statements have given me concern that we have bolstered the enthusiasm of the enemy we are fighting,” said Graham.

The threat that the Islamic State will regroup to plan attacks against the US and Europe remains a serious security problem.

However, the limited US commitment in Syria is considered insufficient to completely eradicate the remaining militants hiding among the civilian population..

“To really get rid of the Islamic State, we need a new Syria, and this far exceeds our capabilities,” said Aaron David Miller, Middle East expert at the Woodrow Wilson Center..

Supporters of President Trump argue that American opponents, Syria, Russia, Iran, as well as the American ally Turkey, will continue their armed struggle against the militants of the “Islamic State”.

But the US withdrawal is likely to also lead to land concessions to allied Iranian forces to launch attacks against Israel, creating the potential for wider military conflict..

“Maybe this is the strategy – for other people to fight,” said Mark Katz, an expert on the Middle East at George Mason University. “But then they either want us to come back to calm things down, or they don’t want to, and then they can just fight each other “.

Critics of the president say US credibility in the world will suffer if they leave behind moderate Syrian allies opposing the authoritarian rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and expose Kurdish forces to a possible conflict with Turkey, which opposes the creation of an independent territory for the US-allied ethnic group..

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