Parting Words: Will Trump Leave a Traditional Memo to Biden?

President Trump Did Leave A Note For Biden In The White House | TODAY

Parting Words: Will Trump Leave a Traditional Memo to Biden?

Parting words: will Trump leave a traditional note to Biden?

Since 1989, every outgoing president has left warm wishes for his successor

For three decades, every outgoing US president has left a short note to his successor wishing him success in taking office. But whether Donald Trump will leave such a note to President-elect Joe Biden is unknown..

Previous presidents left their notes on the table in the Oval Office of the White House for the new head of state to find good wishes immediately after taking office..

This tradition began in 1989 by Republican Ronald Reagan, who wrote the following note to his former Vice President and new President George W. Bush: “George, I cherish our shared memories and wish you all the best. I will pray for you”.

Four years later, Bush left his good wishes to the defeated Democrat Clinton: “Now your success is the success of our country. I’m rooting for you “.

After two terms in the White House, Clinton wrote to his successor George W. Bush: “You are leading proud, decent, good people. And from this day on, you are the president for all of us. I greet you and wish you success and great happiness “.

After eight years of presidency, Bush left a note to Democrat Barack Obama: “There will be difficult moments. Critics will rage. Your “friends” will disappoint you. But you will have the Almighty, who will bring you peace, a family that loves you, and a country that is rooting for you, including me. “.

Obama, leaving the post, also left good wishes to Trump, although during the election campaign he supported his rival Hillary Clinton.

“Congratulations on an impressive victory,” Obama wrote to Trump. “Millions of people have put their hopes on you, and all of us, regardless of party affiliation, should hope that during your tenure in the country there will be prosperity and security.”.

It is unclear if Trump intends to follow the example of his predecessors, because he has previously stated that he plans to break from many long traditions associated with the peaceful transfer of power..

Usually on the morning of inauguration, outgoing presidents greet their successors at the White House and travel with them to the US Capitol for a ceremony..

However, Trump said he would leave the White House before the inauguration and go to the farewell ceremony at a military base near Washington, where he will board the presidential plane for the last time to travel to his resort in Florida..

This marks the first time in 160 years that an outgoing president will not attend the inauguration ceremony of a president-elect..

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