Oleg Shein: re-election in Astrakhan is a compromise

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Oleg Shein: re-election in Astrakhan is a compromise

Oleg Shein: re-election in Astrakhan is a compromise

Oleg Shein, ex-candidate for mayor of Astrakhan, on hunger strike in protest, gave an exclusive interview to the program &# 171; Share!&# 187;

Protest activity and, to a large extent, the political life of Russia are now concentrated not in the capitals, but on the Volga – in Astrakhan. A hunger strike has been going on there for 28 days, started by the candidate for mayor of the city from the “Fair Russia” Oleg Shein and a group of his associates in protest against the falsifications in the elections of the mayor of Astrakhan. Moreover, for a very long time, they knew about this hunger strike or attached importance to it, it seems, not everyone in Astrakhan, not to mention Moscow or Russia as a whole.

Everything changed radically when the notorious Elizaveta Glinka – “Doctor Liza” – having visited there, wrote that the starving people were in an extremely difficult and life-threatening condition. After that, a “landing” left for Astrakhan, which included deputies Dmitry Gudkov, Ilya Ponomarev, lawyer and blogger Alexei Navalny, journalists from the capital and civil activists. A mass protest rally took place in the city, negotiations with the authorities are underway, and everyone is now talking about the Astrakhan hunger strike, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who, however, speaking in the State Duma, said that he did not understand why people were starving, and advised they go to court. Human rights activists, opposition and the press are coming to Astrakhan. Ksenia Sobchak tweeted about her readiness to pay for tickets for those wishing to go to Astrakhan. At the same time, the regional authorities, the prosecutor’s office and the CEC announced that there were no grounds for re-elections..

Oleg Shein and State Duma deputy from Fair Russia Dmitry Gudkov spoke about the situation in the provincial city, which was in the center of national attention, on the air of the Share program..

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