NPR journalist not allowed to tour with Pompeo

Sec. Pompeo criticizes NPR reporter

NPR journalist not allowed to tour with Pompeo

NPR journalist not allowed to tour with Pompeo

The decision came after a controversial interview with another National Public Radio reporter.

The US State Department has removed the National Public Radio (NPR) reporter from the press pool who will travel with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Europe and Central Asia. This was announced by the US Department of State Correspondents Association on Monday, days after Pompeo lashed out at his interview with another NPR journalist..

The removal of NPR reporter Michelle Kiliman from the pool can only be seen as retaliation for her colleague’s interview, the association said..

State Department has not yet commented on the situation.

Last Friday, Mike Pompeo was interviewed by Mary Louise Kelly, a well-known NPR journalist who repeatedly asked about Ukraine and Marie Yovanovitch, who was fired after the United States..

Jovanovitch’s removal was a key element in the chain of events that led to the US House of Representatives’ impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump last month..

After the interview, Kelly said that Pompeo used profanity against her.

In a statement Saturday, Pompeo noted that the reporter lied in scheduling the interview and agreeing to conduct an off-record interview after the interview. The statement was not contested, Mary Louise Kelly’s words about the content of the meeting after the interview.

“The State Department’s press pool has a long tradition of accompanying secretaries of state on their travels, and we consider it inappropriate to punish an individual member of our association,” said its head Sean Tendon. “We respectfully request the Department of State to reconsider its decision and allow Michelle to participate in the trip.”.

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