Netanyahu expressed optimism ahead of Washington talks on the Middle East

WATCH LIVE: Trump, Netanyahu deliver joint statement on Middle East peace plan

Netanyahu expressed optimism ahead of Washington talks on the Middle East

Netanyahu expressed optimism ahead of Washington talks on the Middle East

President Trump to discuss his plan for a Middle East settlement with Israeli Prime Minister and political opponent Benny Gantz

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday expressed hope that he will have to “make history” in the coming week, referring to the talks opening in Washington on the peace plan for the Middle East, which was put forward by US President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu invited to the US to discuss this plan; on Monday and Tuesday, President Trump will host the Israeli head of government at the White House.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu (archived photo)

Previously, the draft to be discussed was rejected by the Palestinians.

“We are in the middle of an extremely dramatic diplomatic process, but their culmination is yet to come,” Netanyahu told reporters ahead of the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting..

“I will soon be traveling to Washington to meet with my friend, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who will present his agreement, the draft of the century … I am filled with hope that we can make history,” added Netanyahu.

President Trump said Thursday that he will unveil his plan (which has been postponed more than once) ahead of his meeting with Netanyahu in Washington..

“This is an excellent plan. This is a plan that will really work, ”Trump said..

Netanyahu’s political rival Benny Gantz has also been invited to the White House. President Trump will reportedly receive him on Monday.

Benny Gantz (archived photo)

“The peace plan developed by President Trump will go down in history as an important milestone,” Gantz said at a press conference in Tel Aviv..

Gantz said he expects the initiative to allow “the various players in the Middle East to finally move forward towards a historic regional agreement.”.

“This step only confirms the absolute rejection of what the US administration has done so far, in particular – the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” – said in a statement by the press secretary of the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

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