Mike Pompeo on the problems of US-Russian relations

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Mike Pompeo on the problems of US-Russian relations

Mike Pompeo on the problems of US-Russian relations

Foreign Minister stressed the administration’s readiness to effectively resist attempts to interfere in the elections

Speaking at the Washington Economic Club on Monday, US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo answered a series of questions about US-Russian relations..

Referring to his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pompeo expressed the hope that the dialogue on strategic issues he had with the Russian president would help resolve a wide range of nuclear nonproliferation issues. He also stressed that he hopes for China to join the negotiation process and that his accession will be supported by the Russian leader..

In connection with the recent protests in Russia, the dispersal of which by the authorities was accompanied by the arrests of opposition activists, the head of the State Department recalled that the United States always stands for freedom of expression and conscience, and this applies to any place on earth.

When asked about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Pompeo noted that there was interference in the U.S. election in 2018 as well. He stated that the 2018 elections were effectively defended and that the same will be the case during the 2020 elections..

At the same time, Pompeo said that not only Russia is seeking to undermine Western democracy.

Dwelling on the question of possible future attempts to interfere in the American elections, the Secretary of State expressed his conviction that the Department of State has all the necessary resources to effectively resist them on its site..

Pompeo also stated that the United States is interacting with the new leadership of Ukraine, referring to the recent parliamentary elections in this country. At the same time, he stressed the invariability of the US position, according to which Crimea should be returned to Ukraine..

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