Media: Britain will refuse Huawei to participate in the creation of 5G networks

UK defies US refusing to ban Huawei technology from 5G networks

Media: Britain will refuse Huawei to participate in the creation of 5G networks

Media: Britain will refuse Huawei to participate in the creation of 5G networks

Previously, Boris Johnson admitted limited participation of the Chinese company in the creation of secondary elements of the new generation communication network.

The British authorities intend to end the involvement of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in the establishment of the national 5G telephone network, British media reported, noting that such a development of events would further worsen London’s relations with Beijing, but would cause Washington’s satisfaction..

The anticipated policy change was preceded by a re-assessment of the risks of wiretapping by Britain’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), the Sunday Telegraph reported..

British Officials Confirm to Voice of America the Accuracy of the Newspaper.

Previously, the NCSC believed that the risks associated with Huawei could be managed and mitigated, with which the American intelligence services did not agree. New US restrictions imposed on Huawei in June changed the picture, NCKB warned.

British intelligence officials have concluded that sanctions that prevent Huawei from using components and semiconductors based on US intellectual property mean that the Chinese company will have to use “untrustworthy” elements, increasing security risks..

The British authorities are drawing up a timetable for the removal of Huawei equipment already installed on 5G networks. British telecoms BT and Vodafone have already asked the government to give them time until 2030 to get the job done, but Downing Street officials said they want it to happen faster, even if it slows down the launch of the new network..

The policy change comes amid a growing diplomatic dispute between London and Beijing over China’s new draconian security law for Hong Kong.

In January, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed the Chinese company to play a limited role in creating less critical elements of the national next-generation cellular network, which dealt a blow to the US campaign urging allies to boycott Huawei..

The Trump administration has urged the UK and other allies for over a year to ban Huawei from participating in fifth-generation wireless networks. According to US officials, there is a significant risk that a company closely associated with Chinese intelligence will become the Trojan horse of Beijing’s intelligence services, allowing them to gather intelligence.

Huawei said on Sunday that it remains “open to discussions with the British government” and accused the US of trying to improve the market position of American companies..

Huawei officials said the decision to change their role in building Britain’s 5G network is based on “misguided assumptions.”.

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