Governor Cuomo: New York State Supply Lasts Six Days

New York Governor Cuomo Says State Has Six Days of Ventilators Left

Governor Cuomo: New York State Supply Lasts Six Days

Governor Cuomo: New York State Supply Lasts Six Days

State authorities seek to acquire 30,000 more artificial respirators to save people infected with COVID-19

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that the state he runs will have less than a week’s supply of ventilators..

“Given the current rate of growth [of infections], the ventilators we have in stock will last about six days,” Cuomo told reporters in the New York state capital, Albany..

“This means that if the rate of use, the rate at which people in need of mechanical ventilation are admitted to hospitals, remains at the same level, then we have about six days in stock,” the governor said..

Cuomo warned that if the rate of COVID-19 infections increases, or if the expected number of infections at their peak exceeds projections or lasts longer, the state will face a shortage of essential breathing apparatus..

Governor Cuomo: New York State Supply Lasts Six Days

The Governor’s team is working to procure 30,000 ventilators for the state, which has 19.5 million people. Half of these will be sent to New York, which accounts for about 60% of the state’s coronavirus cases. However, in conditions when the demand for such devices has increased dramatically all over the world, the task becomes more complicated: in many cases, the quick acquisition of this equipment is simply impossible..

In New York, they are trying to be creative in solving the problem: for example, hospitals were allowed to re-equip devices in such a way that two patients could use one machine at the same time. In addition, doctors are converting anesthesia and two-phase ventilators for ventilators, which are also capable of pushing air into the patient’s lungs. The state canceled all routine operations to free up all available ventilators for treating people infected with coronavirus.

“Yes, the rate of use of ventilators is a concern, and the fact that we have six days of ventilators left is also a cause for concern. But we have taken all these extraordinary measures, which, I think, at a critical moment will allow us to be in good shape, ”added Cuomo..

According to the governor, about 350 people are admitted to state hospitals every day who need mechanical ventilation. The state has about 2,200 vehicles left in stock. They will be applied as needed. The governor is confident that the current 2,200 devices will “disappear very quickly”.

The federal government has allocated 4,400 ventilators to date.

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