German Foreign Ministry accused Russia of creating “smoke screens” around the Navalny case

LIVE: Russian Foreign Ministry summons German Ambassador to discuss Navalny case

German Foreign Ministry accused Russia of creating 'smoke screens' around the Navalny case

German Foreign Ministry accused Russia of creating &# 171; smoke screens&# 187; around the Navalny case

Heiko Maas said that Moscow did nothing to clarify the situation

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas accused Russia of creating “smoke screens” around the alleged poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

He added that the decision on sanctions against Russia was the correct reaction and that subsequent comments from Moscow did not change the situation..

Navalny was taken to Berlin for medical treatment after falling ill during a domestic flight across Russia. He was subsequently discharged from the hospital, but is still recovering in Germany..

“In recent weeks and months, we have seen many ‘smokescreens’ erected from Moscow in connection with the Navalny case,” Maas told reporters. “Russia had many opportunities to clarify the situation, but it never happened.”.

Earlier Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that reports of alleged Russian agents’ involvement in Navalny’s case were “legalizing materials from American intelligence services.”.

Alexey Navalny commented on the situation in his blog.

Having said that he “spent the first half of the day” on Thursday in the German prosecutor’s office, where he was “interrogated at the request of the Russian side,” the Russian opposition politician said that the evidence of the involvement of the Russian authorities in his poisoning “is so reinforced concrete that it is impossible to argue with them. “.

“And even just lying as usual is impossible,” Navalny stressed.

Regarding Vladimir Putin’s comments, Navalny said: “All sorts of little things like why chemists and doctors were watching me, why all those who followed me work in the FSB expert examination center, why they call up Novichok’s manufacturers and – most importantly – why I still fell in a coma for 18 days, ignored “.

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