Georgia officials reject Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud

Trump election fraud claims are hurting Georgia, says election official

Georgia officials reject Trump's allegations of electoral fraud

Georgia officials reject Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud

They stressed that the votes of 16 electors from the state belong to Biden

Georgia officials on Sunday rejected claims by Republican President Donald Trump that his electoral opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, won the state through fraud..

They said Georgia had 16 Electoral College votes at Biden’s disposal..

State Electoral Chief Brad Raffensperger said on ABC that as a conservative Republican, he is “disappointed” that Trump lost in Georgia, but that “the people had their say” and that “we see nothing. what could cancel the will of the people “.

On Saturday, Trump asked the Gov. of Georgia – Republican Brian Kemp – to convene a special session of the state legislature to overturn the results of the vote and pass the electoral votes from Georgia to Trump..

This move would not have been enough to strip Biden of his electoral advantage. Unofficially – since the vote has not yet taken place – Biden has 306 votes, while Trump has 232.

Kemp rejected Trump’s request. Georgia Deputy Gov. Republican Jeff Duncan said on CNN Sunday that he is absolutely convinced that Kemp will not give in to Trump’s demand to persuade lawmakers to annul Biden’s victory in the state election..

Biden won a victory in Georgia on November 3, with more than 12,000 votes. Two recounts, including a manual recount of more than five million ballots, confirmed this result..

This was the first time since 1992 that a Democratic presidential candidate won a victory in Georgia..

Trump held a rally in the state on Saturday, during which he criticized Kemp for not helping him to reverse Biden’s victory in Georgia..

“Your governor could very easily have stopped this,” Trump said.

He again spoke about widespread election fraud, but did not provide evidence for his statements, both in relation to Georgia and in other states..

Recall that Trump’s previously appointed Justice Minister William Barr said that “to date, we have not seen (evidence of) fraud on the scale at which it could lead to a different election outcome.”.

In an interview on Sunday, Jeff Duncan said Trump’s allegations of fraud are cause for concern.

“Mountains of disinformation don’t help the process; they only harm him, “Duncan emphasized.

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