Former White House employee agreed to testify about Trump

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Former White House employee agreed to testify about Trump

Former White House employee agreed to testify about Trump

Annie Donaldson to Answer Written Questions from the House Judiciary Committee

Another former senior White House official has agreed to testify to Congress as part of an investigation into possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump, the House Judiciary Committee said Monday..

Annie Donaldson, who previously directed the staff of the White House’s chief attorney, Don McGun, was present at several of the episodes described in the report by Special Attorney Robert Mueller. House Democrats are examining these episodes as part of considering Trump’s possible impeachment.

The report, which was released with bills in mid-April, named Donaldson as the source of information about Trump’s role in the layoffs of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and ex-FBI director James Comey..

The report also describes how Trump tried to convince former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to change the direction of the investigation into the “Russian case” and asked McGun to get Mueller to resign..

“Ms Donaldson has personally witnessed many of the alleged obstruction of justice and other abuses by President Trump in the Mueller report, and is therefore an important witness for the committee,” said Legal Committee chief Jerrold Nadler.

As agreed, Donaldson will first provide written answers to lawmakers’ questions as she is expecting a baby and it will be difficult for her to come from Alabama and testify for a long time. She also agreed to appear before the committee in person on November 1 if she was called..

Donaldson’s attorney Sandra Moser welcomed the deal.

The White House was expected to try to prevent Donaldson from testifying by insisting on immunity, as happened to former White House public affairs director Hope Hicks, who was prevented from answering 155 questions at a hearing last week..

The White House has not yet commented on the situation.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the issue of immunity will be raised on a case-by-case basis, which will allow committee members to record in which situations the White House has protested, and then challenge this list in federal court..

Like Hicks, Donaldson received a summons to testify and provide documents. White House ordered both women not to provide congressmen with any documents relating to their time in the administration.

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