Biden signs decrees to “restore the US role in the world community”

Biden Signs ‘Racial Equity’ Executive Order to Support Underserved Communities

Biden signs decrees to 'restore the US role in the world community'

Biden signed executive orders &# 171; restoring the US role in the world community&# 187;

New President Changes Administration Policy on Refugee Admission, LGBT Protection and National Security

President Joe Biden signed several executive orders on Thursday that will change American policies on refugee admission, LGBT rights and national security. This is stated in a press release published by the White House.

“Today, President Biden announces loudly and clearly to the world: America is back,” says a press release.

One of the decrees signed today by the President is aimed at restoring the refugee reception program in the United States. Biden ordered the start of administrative reform, which will increase the quota of accepted refugees to 125 thousand people next year.

In addition to overturning the previous administration’s policy of tightening criteria and over-screening applicants with this decree, Biden is also going to propose increasing refugee admissions this fiscal year, after consulting with Congress..

On Thursday, Biden signed a decree to protect and promote the rights of the LGBT community around the world. The document instructs the relevant federal departments to constructively participate in the protection of the rights of sexual minorities abroad. America “demonstrates leadership in human rights by strengthening the protection of the most vulnerable, including the LGBT community,” says a White House press release..

According to the decree, the United States, with the help of diplomacy and providing assistance to international organizations, will protect the rights of LGBT people around the world.

In addition, the president signed a National Security Memorandum that modernizes the United States’ national security policy and restructures the National Security Council. These measures, as stated in the White House, are aimed at achieving “the most important goal – the safety and prosperity of the American people.”.

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