Biden: Commander-in-Chief Needed in Fight Against Coronavirus

Commander in Chief | Joe Biden for President

Biden: Commander-in-Chief Needed in Fight Against Coronavirus

Biden: in the fight against coronavirus &# 171; needs a commander in chief&# 187;

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to criticize post-election vote count

WASHINGTON – US President-elect Joe Biden says the fight against COVID-19 is “like a war that needs a commander in chief.”.

During a virtual roundtable with medical professionals, whom he named heroes in the fight against coronavirus, Biden predicted: “I will make mistakes. But I promise you that I will recognize them and take responsibility. “.

Biden said that upon taking office, he will urge state governors to introduce mandatory masking, testing, contact tracing and social distancing..

“I will use the defense spending law. I will use my high rostrum, ”said the President-elect. – The words of the president matter “.

Biden also said there must be a way to get the kids back to school or they’ll be left behind after missing so many classes due to the pandemic..

A nationwide hospital crisis looms as COVID-19 cases rise in all 50 states ahead of Thanksgiving, as millions of Americans hit the road to reunite with their families.

More than 11.4 million people in the United States have tested positive for coronavirus, 250,000 have died from COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Biden: Commander-in-Chief Needed in Fight Against Coronavirus

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump continues to block the transfer of power to his rival Democrat by preventing Biden from accessing a daily summary of the situation in troubled regions of the world that the American intelligence services are preparing for the president..

Biden’s team also denied access to numerous government offices..

Trump had no public events on Wednesday. He remained in the White House, from where he tweeted that he won the election, claiming that the voting results in key states, where Biden won, were rigged..

In one of his tweets, he said: “I won the election. Electoral fraud all over the country! “

Trump spokesman Kaylee McEnani speaking on Fox & Friends, said: “The President has stated that he is always ready for a peaceful transfer of power, if the need for this is confirmed by the facts. But the president believes, and many others agree with him, that if all the legally cast votes are counted, he will remain president. He conducts court proceedings, but the president always wants what is most in the interests of our country. “.

The counting of votes in many contested states is in its final stages, but all major American media have declared Biden the winner, claiming that he secured well over 270 votes in the 538 electoral college to qualify for a four-year term in the White House..

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