Biden: America is “in danger” and “hope is slipping away”

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Biden: America is 'in danger' and 'hope is slipping away'

Biden: America &# 171; in a dangerous position&# 187; and &# 171; hope is slipping away&# 187;

Democratic presidential candidate believes the reason lies in the division of Americans

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden painted a harsh and sobering picture of modern America as he spoke to supporters in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the major battle of the American Civil War took place in the 19th century..

“When I look at America today, I feel uneasy,” Biden said, giving an unusually bleak assessment of the situation in the country. – The country is in a dangerous situation “.

He cited political disunity among Americans as the main reason..

“We began to trust each other less. Hope is slipping away, ”the vice president continued. “Too many Americans do not see our public life as an arena for resolving our differences. They rather see it as an excuse for an all-out, inexorable party war. Instead of treating another party as opposition, we treat it as an enemy. “.

“This has to end,” he said. “We must strive to build bridges, not walls. We should strive not to clench our fists, but to open our arms. We must not tear each other apart. We must strive for unification “.

Biden referred to the famous Gettysburg Address given by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, at the height of the North-South Civil War, in which he warned of the danger of national disunity.

“Lincoln taught us that a house divided in two cannot stand. This is a great and eternal truth. Today we are living in a divided house again, “Biden said..

“We have had too many crises, we have too much work, we have too bright a future to crash on the shores of anger, hatred and disunity,” said the Democratic presidential candidate.

Biden did not name President Donald Trump, his rival in the November elections, but said the country was in a state of “all-out, unrelenting party war” that has complicated the fight against the coronavirus, which has killed 210,000 people in the United States..

Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters called Biden’s speech “farce”.

“There are few people who fanned the flames of hatred and disunity as violently as Joe Biden in the 47 years he spent in the Washington swamp,” the headquarters said in a statement..

“For decades, he built mass detention systems that disproportionately suffered black Americans, after which he did not make any significant changes in his eight years as vice president,” the document goes on to say. “Now President Trump is fixing the mess Joe Biden created.”.

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